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Do you know those families that are so big they barely fit on one table? And where the atmosphere is always loud and cheerful? That’s us.
Come and get to know each and everyone.

NicLen, NicLen Family


NicLen is like the cool, easy-going dad you always wished for in Highschool although he can be a little over the top sometimes since he doesn’t do things halfway. This is why NicLen is not only Germany’s largest dry hire provider for event technology but also has its very own logistics system as well as subsidiaries in the Netherlands, France, the UK and Switzerland. By the way: What can appear a little chavvy on the outside is a really big heart on the inside.
NicLen, NicLen Family
publitec, NicLen Family


In a way, publitec is the second parent to the family since 2019 and like in every good marriage, the two complement each other perfectly: Video technology is her field of expertise and also the reason for vanity being one of her character traits. Always wanting to take care of everyone is another one. Therefore, publitec offers technical event support to its customers – in form of video experts and project managers.


Too old or broken to repair? Not with tecAID. The youngest among the siblings has energy for ten and is as silly as he is nerdy. Whether moving heads, signal management or projectors – he knows directly what to do in order to make it as good as new. The very own repair and maintenance service takes care of every customer’s as well as NicLen’s and publitec’s equipment.

tecAID, NicLen Family
Rudi Deluxe, NicLen Family

Rudi Deluxe

Rudi is kind of an underdog – a little different from the others but with a big and honest heart. You will recognize him immediately by his direct and cheeky way of talking. Every single device you can find in the shop for used event equipment is state-of-the-art and of superior quality. Next to former technology of NicLen’s and publitec’s rental park, equipment of known suppliers of the industry is for sale at small prices.

UV Medico Deutschland​

When it comes to UV Medico, “highly gifted” is still an understatement. Always top of the class, he started his medical studies whilst still in school. Casual, right? Product of his intelligence are highly innovative Far UV lamps that are able to disinfect air and surfaces of any kind and are even effective against COVID-19. Examples for possible applications are bars, class rooms, elevators or hospitals.
UV Medico Deutschland, NicLen Family
Prime Logistics, NicLen Family

PRIME Logistics

PRIME logistics is probably the most flexible family member and has his one and only destination always in mind: to rock any route. Regardless of whether it’s familiar, fixed routes or completely new, customized ones – PRIME is reliable and mega organized in planning and execution when it comes to transporting material from A to B. Even routes where several stops have to be made to collect anything or whole tours are gladly taken over to prove that you can always rely on him.

Lichtburg Eventlocation

There’s always this family member who loves to party but has double the enthusiasm for work. Here that’s clearly the case for our Lichtburg. At nights she is the wild party animal but in the mornings, she gets up super early and takes care of… well, everything that needs to be taken care of. She just can’t help herself. If you want to see for yourself, all you have to do is to book an appointment at the Lichtburg Eventlocation. From a small meeting to a glittering gala, everything is possible.

Lichtburg, NicLen Family

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